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Our OpenCart web stores and marketplaces are professionally designed, fully featured, and well-suited to fit your niche. The entire process of hosting, building, upgrading, customizing, and launching your website is taken care of by us. Our layouts are designed according to your preferences, taking into account your products, your target audience, and the end user, so the final design is appropriate, fast and responsive.

Why choosing OpenCart?

Opencart is a complete e-commerce solution that helps you start your own online store. A free, open-source, and fast e-commerce platform with no monthly fee. That is why we recommend this e-commerce platform for beginning your online business. A user-friendly interface, multiple payment gateways, and many more exciting features make Opencart the ideal e-commerce platform.


It is a free and open-source platform, which means there are no monthly fees and you own the software. You will also have access to an extensive knowledge base to assist you. With over 500 thousand stores relying on Opencart, it's one of the biggest free e-commerce platforms.

Engaged Community

Count on a vibrant community ready to assist you. The Opencart knowledge base is extensive and updated, with a dedicated forum and vast documentation. A wide variety of people can benefit from this foundation, from experienced web developers to shop owners launching their business online for the first time.

Development Services - Plugins and Themes

One of Opencart's biggest advantages is the endless possibilities when it comes to customizingng your store with plugins and themes. OpenCart is a module-based system that allows users to easily extend the functionality for their needs.

Go big with an OpenCart marketplace

If you are planning to launch your Opencart Marketplace, we have a perfect, tailored solution. The Arca Solutions team has decades of experience in web and mobile development as well as Opencart. We do all the heavy lifting of building your store while you focus on growing your business. Sell more with an optimized marketplace store

Sleek and professional design

We deliver great-looking stores with a sleek design and easy-to-use interface. Using the Journal theme, packed with features and featuring a super customizable design, you can create a clean or complex website that fits your needs. Journal is the ultimate Opencart theme framework with best in class features and the most customizable design engine ever implemented in an Opencart project, giving you total control over your store at any resolution.

All in one site manager

The dashboard allows you to check your orders, sales, people online, and all the analytics of your store at a glance. This is a very comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard that is nicely organized and has all the options you need

Mobile friendly

Responsiveness is a standard feature of OpenCart. Thus, it is important to ensure that your OpenCart webshop looks good on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Your webshop will be fully functional on all mobile devices if we make it responsive, meaning it will be easy to read and easy to navigate.

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