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Upgrade OpenCart 2 to 3


OpenCart store customization

When you upgrade your OpenCart store from version 2 to 3, you migrate your existing database - products, manufacturers, customers, and more - to the new installation on the newest version of OpenCart. Upgrades from OpenCart 2 to 3 will be finished within a couple of hours and will not affect OpenCart 2 stores.

Migrate your existing store to OpenCart 3

If you have a store built with another provider, such as Magento, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc, and want to migrate to Opencart, you will find that it provides a lot of advantages. The Opencart platform is free, has no monthly fees, is very fast, and offers many customization features. You can easily import customer information, orders, products, and other entities into your new OpenCart store.

Retain all of your data

Don’t worry about losing anything of your eCommerce. Our migration service will safely transfer everything from your existing store to the new one, with backup guaranteed. Your data is safely stored.

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